Post-purchase knocking noise

The consumer’s issue:

“I purchased a vehicle from the business and have since experienced a knocking noise coming from my car. I complained to the garage, which was followed by them taking some corrective action. I was advised that the vehicle was safe to drive, but I am still concerned about the fault due to the noise, and am not happy to drive the car. At the time, I wanted a full refund and compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused, but as the vehicle is now fixed, I am seeking £1,000 in compensation.”

The accredited business’ response:

  • The consumer contacted us regarding a knocking noise coming from the front of his vehicle.
  • We inspected the car and carried out the repairs, and also kept it in for quality checking. In addition, we road tested it on numerous occasions, so as to be able to address all of the customer’s concerns.
  • During this period, we kept the consumer mobile and did everything we could to assist them.
  • Lastly, we contacted the manufacturer on the consumer’s behalf to see if a gesture of goodwill could be offered, and they agreed to provide two free services.

The adjudication outcome:

  • The adjudicator highlighted the fact that, under the Consumer Rights Act, businesses must ensure that vehicles are of satisfactory quality.
  • The Motor Ombudsman noted that the remedy the consumer was entitled to was a repair of the issue, and as the vehicle was now fixed, the correct remedy had been applied.
  • The adjudicator highlighted that there were no current issues with the car, and the consumer was therefore not entitled to a rejection. They were also unable to make recommendations for compensation as this fell outside of The Motor Ombudsman’s remit.


  • The customer and accredited business accepted the outcome as recommended by The Motor Ombudsman adjudicator, and the case was closed.