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What can I do about car paint defects?


You may have a paint quality issue where there are chips, debris in the paint or corrosion caused by poor quality paint ingredients or a fault in the manufacturing process.


Before getting the paintwork repaired, you should check the terms and cover of your warranty policy. For example, a vehicle manufacturer’s corrosion warranty is usually for corrosion in the car’s metal bodywork, rather than corrosion on the surface of the metal panel caused by faulty paintwork. A manufacturer’s warranty for paintwork defects will generally last for three years from the date of the car’s registration.


If the car is still within the warranty period, you should contact the appropriate business by submitting a formal complaint to the business in line with their dispute resolution procedure. If your vehicle is not under warranty, you may wish to have the seller of the vehicle repair the issue under your sales contract in line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015, if it has been less than six years since your car purchase.


If you require an independent technical report to assess a paint issue, you may wish to contact PVWI.

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