Consumer body Which says Service and Repair Code is garages last chance to clean up their act

Consumer body Which? says Code is garages’ last chance to clean up their act and avoid government intervention

  • Service and repair sector’s firmest commitment to customer service
  • Code gives opportunity for independent garages to compete

Commenting on the recent launch of the website , Which? motoring editor Richard Headland said that the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair is the last opportunity for the sector to get its house in order – or else face legislation. Supporting Motor Codes’ aim of improving levels of customer service, the motorists’ watchdog pointed out that although it was still less than a year old, the Code has made good progress. However, he fears that unless more garages embrace it, government will take action through legislation.

“We are pleased with the positive steps taken by Motor Codes to address customers’ concerns but the key challenge now is to boost the number of independent garages willing to show they are good, honest businesses,” said Headland. “This is the last chance for the motor industry to use self-regulation and avoid government intervention, so the stakes are high. We hope to see the Motor Codes logo become a hallmark of quality for consumers to recognise and trust – which means perfectly good garages who don’t sign up could risk losing business to those that have joined the scheme.”

Introduced to consumers in August 2008, the Code now has more than 5,500 subscribing garages and is described as the firmest commitment to good practice seen so far from the motor industry.

“Franchised and independent garages who subscribe to the Code surely have the edge over those that don’t – or won’t,” said Motor Codes director, Chris Mason. “The fact that all of the subscribing garages take the initiative and actively seek feedback through the online consumer surveys is clear demonstration of the commitment to their customers.”

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