TMO pilots new online data reporting tool

  • New innovative reporting tool has been designed to provide Motor Ombudsman-accredited businesses with access to data in a visually informative and intuitive format
  • Interactive and smart dashboards are in a Beta testing phase, and are being trialled by vehicle manufacturers accredited to The Motor Ombudsman
  • The analytics platform allows organisations to view the progression of customer contacts through the dispute resolution process, as well as the principal reasons for consumer complaints, so as to be able to assist with identifying and resolving issues raised by vehicle owners more quickly


The Motor Ombudsman, the automotive dispute resolution provider, is piloting a visual data reporting tool for its nationwide network of accredited businesses. The new analytics platform has been designed to give organisations faster access to information on the source and status of consumer contacts and cases in a series of easy-to-read and interactive charts. This will allow them to both identify and resolve issues raised by vehicle owners more quickly, and offer an even higher level of customer service.


The introduction of the data dashboards comes as part of The Motor Ombudsman’s IT infrastructure upgrades planned for this year, and forms a key element of their recently unveiled vision for 2020. Developed using Tableau Software, the leading analytics platform that helps people see and understand their data, the new functionality will be rolled out to other accredited businesses in due course following the successful completion of the current Beta testing stage. This is being undertaken with all vehicle manufacturers that are accredited to The Motor Ombudsman.


The interactive and smart data dashboards have been created based on the input collated from accredited businesses. This has thereby allowed The Motor Ombudsman to tailor their format and content according to the requirements of the audience that will be using the reporting tool, and to ensure they are fully exportable so that statistics and illustrations can be shared within a business as needed.


The built-in flexibility of the platform allows graphics and the on-screen data to be configured according to a defined time period, and can be viewed by the Motor Industry Codes of Practice that a brand is accredited to. By scrolling through the different screens, users are able to see the volume of consumer contacts received in relation to their business, as well as a clear breakdown of the referrers of the initial customer enquiries to The Motor Ombudsman i.e. whether this was by word of mouth or via an Internet search engine. These can then be further filtered to show at which stage of the dispute resolution process the customer contacts have progressed to, as well as the proportion of enquiries that were subsequently escalated to an adjudication and ombudsman’s final decision.


Furthermore, businesses are equally able to see the reason for the consumer’s dispute (e.g. an electrical, wear and tear or mechanical issue with their vehicle), and the specific problem the customer encountered with their car, spanning a defective gearbox, to intermittent faults and corrosion. In addition, amongst other analyses, businesses can gain an insight into the type of resolution being sought from the customer complaints raised, such as a refund, a repair or a replacement car.


Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director at The Motor Ombudsman said: “The introduction of the new visual data analysis and reporting tool comes as part of our continued ambition to provide even greater insight and faster resolution into the issues that vehicle owners are experiencing. It also gives our accredited vehicle manufacturers access to the information relating directly to their brand, as well as a clearer picture of the problems being raised by consumers so that they can ultimately make improvements across their organisation and supply an even higher standard of service to motorists. The feedback that we have received during the initial development phase has been extremely positive, and we will continue to develop the platform and expand its usage across our entire base of accredited businesses.”


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