Consumer Testimonials

Testimonials from some of the customers we’ve helped.

At The Motor Ombudsman we work hard to resolve disputes between consumers and our accredited businesses. Here’s some of our recent customer feedback.

This feedback has been collated through our customer satisfaction survey, thank you emails that we’ve received and Trust Pilot.


“I cannot express how grateful and happy I am with the service that I received. My case handler was knowledgeable, understanding and gave me step-by-step information regarding what I needed to do.”

“The adjudicator who dealt with my call was brilliant, especially when I got upset, and he was very patient and so professional. A big thank you to him!”

“Very happy with the service. The process took quite a long time, but the problem was solved to my satisfaction. Without the Motor Ombudsman this would not have been possible as I tried everything beforehand without success. I am very grateful and happy for the support I received and strongly recommend the service.”

“Thank you very much for opening a case file for me regarding my dispute. However, the very mention of your name has caused them to react, and today, my money was refunded!”

“I was very grateful for the information I received. The advisor seemed knowledgeable regarding the laws around my concerns.”

“I must say everything was handled in a very professional way and was extremely efficient. I am just waiting for a call from the vehicle manufacturer to arrange a date for the repair of my car.”

“I would like to say how helpful my adjudicator was. I was feeling a little nervous about making the call initially. However his call handling helped me to feel so much better. I have scaled all questions as a ten as he was very professional, helpful and understood my needs.  I feel confident that my case will be resolved efficiently. Thank you.”

“I was extremely impressed with my case handler, and the swiftness with which he understood and acknowledged a full understanding of my case. I cannot rate the resolution at this time as the case has only just been raised, but I am confident that with your assistance, it will be satisfactorily and efficiently resolved.”

“The vehicle manufacturer has been in touch with me regarding the reimbursement of the agreed sum. I sincerely thank you for all the assistance with this matter, your patience and for your professionalism throughout.”

“I have received a detailed letter of apology, an explanation and a cheque from the Service Manager at the dealership. I am grateful for the involvement of The Motor Ombudsman in resolving this matter.”

“I  can confirm that the cheque has been received, and I would like to thank you for all your hard work and help. The Motor Ombudsman helped take away the stress.”

I wanted to say thank you for pursuing my grievance, and I received a cheque which was a complete refund of the amount I had to pay to have the transmission replaced. Thank you very much again, and you have made me an extremely happy lady!”

“Thank you for your time and effort that you have contributed in this case. All I can say as an outsider looking in, you are good at what you do.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and guidance through the involved procedures of making a claim through the Ombudsman service. It is much appreciated.”

“I would like to thank you for all the advice and assistance you have given me in my discussions with the business. I’m pleased to inform you that I have resolved my differences with the vehicle manufacturer to my satisfaction.”

“I Just wanted to inform you that a cheque arrived from the business. Many thanks once again for all your support and for your assistance in finally bringing this matter to a close.”

“Just a note to say that I have finally received a payment from the vehicle manufacturer. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance, what a great service this is – I would never have managed to get my money back under my own steam. I’m delighted to be able to move on from this and to no longer feel hard done by!”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for successfully dealing with my case! I cannot thank you enough for the effort that you’ve contributed to my case. I now have some peace of mind and a huge stress has been lifted!! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament!! I’m hugely grateful to you all!”

“I acted on this case on behalf of my brother, who was sold a used car with a known fault which was not declared by the garage. The Ombudsman was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient in handling the case, and reached a successful outcome. We highly recommended The Motor Ombudsman service! Thank you very much!”

“A conflict had arisen following some repair work at a garage, which I had been unable to resolve and I was therefore advised to contact The Motor Ombudsman (TMO). I received really clear guidance from every member of the team I spoke to at TMO and excellent support when submitting my case. The advice given was clear and impartial, and following the involvement of TMO, the issue was rapidly resolved. Involving TMO took all of the stress out of dealing with the dispute and it was handled in such a professional and sensitive way that good relations have now been re-established between myself and the repairer. It’s an excellent result all round.”

“Very informal and concise information given by The Motor Ombudsman, and they give you time to make a decision. Good trained knowledgeable staff and professional.”

“I had an ongoing issue with a vehicle manufacturer and was not getting anywhere. TMO provided an excellent service from start to finish – I was kept in the loop by email, and my complaint was resolved with the company.”

“The Motor Ombudsman helped me get to a positive outcome with my complaint, when I was facing a brick wall trying to tackle it myself. It was a very painless exercise. Thanks!”

“We cannot thank the Motor Ombudsman enough, as without their due diligence, hard work and tenacity we would not have succeeded in getting this company to admit to still having our car and making a compensatory payment.”

“I am pleased to say that the business very promptly refunded me in full for the amount that you had recommended. I can’t tell you how impressed I have been by The Motor Ombudsman’s adjudication service. I did not hold out much hope to be honest, although I did feel my case was strong. Very many thanks for the great service that you have provided.”

“I had a very good experience with Motor Ombudsman the first time I contacted them. I was delighted because someone listened to me, and I felt extremely confident that my complaint has been heard and I will get help. Keep up the good work.” 

“The guy I talked to on the phone was great, gave me all the facts in a calm and friendly manner. He came across warm and kind on the phone, which was helpful as I felt really upset. Great job!”

“The guy I spoke with went the extra mile in helping me and explaining how The Motor Ombudsman can help. Great service and understanding.”

“I can’t fault the services from The Motor ombudsman. They said they could not help me, but guided me in the right direction.”

“Really worth taking my complaint to The Motor Ombudsman. I was treated with respect, my case was looked into by a professional call handler and I was given new directions to take, whilst my case was assigned to a specialist. At last a place where someone can hear me out regarding a complaint.”

“I would definitely highly recommend this service. It is free to use, it is worthwhile and you get results with your complaint.”

“The advice and guidance were excellent, the call handler was knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you for excellent service.”

“Really helpful and professional service. I can’t thank them enough for their advice.”

“I would definitely recommend contacting The Motor Ombudsman. They reviewed our case in a timely fashion, took it up for us and we had a resolution within days.”

“Very professional organisation giving an impartial stance to ensure the right conclusions are found. I will always recommend them in similar situations to mine.”

“Helpful and friendly good advice that is appreciated. Keep up the good work. Thank you.”

“Quick to respond and kept in touch throughout the process.”

“The Motor Ombudsman ROCKS! They were a huge and much needed help, They were very professional and efficient. I highly recommend them if you ever, you unfortunately, need their services.”

“My issue was looked into immediately and was resolved satisfactorily within days. Good communication at all stages of the process.”

“The process in my complaint was dealt with helpfully and promptly with the information sent by email easy to follow.”

“The call handler was very professional and understanding from start to finish I would definitely recommend The Motor Ombudsman. Thank you.”

“Offered good advice. Was spoken to with respect and given reassurance that what we had done so far to resolve our problems with a motor dealer was right. Very grateful for help and advice given. Would recommend.”

“On ringing the Ombudsman, I was promptly put through to an adviser who was very friendly, helpful and polite. Excellent service. Thank you once again.”

“Great response and quick. Information and replies are easy to follow and understand.”

“Very good advice. Very polite and understanding.”

“Brilliant service in every respect in dealing with my ongoing complaint promptly, efficiently, professionally and knowledgeably. Highly recommended.”

“The adjudicator who dealt with my complaint, was professional and customer-focus personified. He was patient and explained everything in great detail about the process. I thoroughly recommend availing yourself to engaging with TMO if you encounter any difficulties with vehicle disputes. It was the best decision I made.”

“An easy organisation to access starting with speedy call answering followed by a polite, clear, professional and patient conversation on what they did, what my situation was, and how they could help.”

“The consumer contact team member was simply excellent. Very proficient, knowledgeable and helpful, she had an excellent telephone manner and a very assured approach to my issue. TMO should be rightly very pleased to have such a delightful and professional representative.”


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