Fiat Professional

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The brand name Fiat Professional distinguishes the commercial vehicles produced by Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.

1903 saw the advent of the first commercial Fiat vehicle, and since then this business has become increasingly important within the activities of the Fiat Group.

Due to a wide range of products able to meet the most diverse mobility and transport needs, and also to over a hundred years of experience, Fiat Professional has become a leader in its own sector.

Over 430,000 commercial Fiat Professional vehicles were sold worldwide in 2008, with a market share of well over 43% in Italy and 12% in Europe.

Particularly instrumental in achieving these results was the Fiat Ducato, the top model in the range, which has always been very popular with European customers, and the number one favourite of Italians. That is not all. In recent years, Fiat Ducato has become a European leader in the leisure vehicle conversion sector: two out of three campervans are Ducato versions, and all the major European body shops have a version based on the Ducato in their range.

All vehicles in the Fiat Professional range are designed and built to meet professional requirements as effectively as possible.

Strengthened by its successes, Fiat Professional continues to work to consolidate its own leadership, a goal to be achieved also by developing its already extensive sales network: in fact, today there are more than 1400 Dealers in Europe and over 7500 service outlets.

The Fiat Professional brand has always been a business built on competent and motivated people, professionals serving professionals.