INFINITI Quality Centre, 266 - 270 Gunnersbury Avenue, W4 5QB

Phone: 020 7048 3700

Over 30 years ago, we set out to create a new kind of luxury automotive brand that would define the ideal balance of power, performance and artistry. Through the decades, we have strived to push the boundaries of what is expected and constantly evolved our cars and our service – while always staying true to our original goals.

The opening of the Sunderland factory in 2015 marks the most significant investment in UK car manufacturing for 23 years – with the production of the INFINITI Q30 providing over 300 new jobs.

While others might be content with making better machines, we are driven to go beyond – to design cars that push human potential. We build technology to enhance your senses, striking design that demands a response and performance that makes you feel more alive.

Bold new vehicles like the Q60 will push you forward, through innovative performance and design that dares to inspire.

Our accelerator, INFINITI LAB, brings together the best entrepreneurial minds in the world, with the leading edge of INFINITI, to collaborate on innovative solutions to advance our lives.

A future of our shaping is rapidly approaching. Through the INFINITI Engineering Academy, we empower the minds, and foster the ambitions, of tomorrow’s automotive and Formula 1 engineers, today.