Faulty cruise control

The consumer’s issue:

“The front brake assist and cruise control systems on my car became faulty. I have therefore had to pay for the repairs because they were refused under my warranty agreement. To this end, I am seeking a refund for the repair and diagnostics.”

The accredited business’ response:

  • Having reviewed our records, the customer was charged 50% of the cost of the repairs.
  • The car was brought to one of our retailers with a front assist alignment issue, and because the cruise control system was not working correctly.
  • The retailer was unable to claim the cost of the repairs under warranty, as adjustments are only covered for the first six months or 6,500 miles, whichever comes sooner.
  • We are happy to cover the cost of the consumer’s next service as a goodwill gesture.

The adjudication outcome:

  • The Motor Ombudsman adjudicator found that the warranty literature did state that adjustments are only covered for a specific period.
  • The Motor Ombudsman ruled that the business was not liable to pay for the repair.
  • The adjudicator explained that unless the consumer could prove the adjustment was required as a result of a manufacturing defect (through an independent technical report), the case could not be upheld in their favour.


  • The accredited business accepted the outcome as recommended by The Motor Ombudsman adjudicator and the case was closed. The customer has not appealed the outcome.