Expelled businesses

Businesses that do not comply with our Codes of Practice or fail to engage in the dispute resolution process can be expelled from the Code.

It is a requirement for accredited businesses to be compliant with the relevant Codes of Practice to which they are accredited. This includes making every effort to resolve a customer dispute and using our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service in the event that they are unable to resolve a customer complaint themselves.

The Independent Compliance Assessment Panel (ICAP) is an independent panel which monitors the operation of the Codes and the accredited businesses’ compliance with those Codes. ICAP will also meet to review cases of persistent or serious breaches of the Code by accredited businesses.

ICAP is independent of the sector and its authority over accredited businesses reflects the serious nature with which The Motor Ombudsman views non–compliance. It is the responsibility of The Motor Ombudsman to acknowledge when an accredited business has breached the Codes in a manner that requires more than adjudication and make a referral to ICAP.

More information on compliance can be found in our annual Independent Compliance Assessment Panel (ICAP) report.


Businesses expelled from The Motor Ombudsman


The following business has been expelled from The Motor Ombudsman and is no longer accredited to our organisation:


Business name:


Gear One Cars Ltd of 1 Moor Mill Cottages, Smug Oak Lane, Colney Street, St Albans AL2 3TZ


Reason for expulsion:


Breach of the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Vehicle Sales


Date of expulsion:


26 November 2019