Independent Technical Reports

Getting a Technical Report

If you have a dispute about your vehicle and you disagree with the technical findings then you may be asked to get an independent assessment of your vehicle to support your case.

If you are getting an independent assessment then you should make the following criteria to ensure you are able to obtain a robust technical report;

  • Approach a body who is independent from the dispute and could not be considered bias such as using a friend or family member or perhaps a local garage who might be considered a competitor to the part you are in dispute with.
  • Remember not all mechanics are formally qualified and so you need to ensure you choose a party that is qualified and equipped to give their professional opinion.
  • If you have a dispute then ensure the independent assessor will be prepared to give their findings in writing so that you have written evidence and that you are not just paying for a verbal opinion.
  • Notify your repairer or warranty provider you will be seeking an independent report so they are given the opportunity to resolve the issue with you first without incurring extra costs. If they refuse then let them know the costs of the report will form part of your claim if you are successful.
  • Make sure the vehicle is accessible to the independent assessor and whether they have any requirements such as stripping the vehicle before it is assessed or whether they can complete any stripping for you.

Where Can I Get an Independent Assessment?

The Motor Ombudsman does not carry out independent assessments however there are number of organisations in the UK who can provide this service for you including DEKRA Expert, a global safety company founded on independence, neutrality and expertise in the field of vehicle inspections.

If you would like to arrange an inspection through DEKRA Expert then you can complete the below form for a quote and one of their representatives will contact you to discuss your requirements within 24 hours.

DEKRA Experts Promise

  • Guaranteed confidentiality and impartiality.
  • Fixed rates for vehicle inspections. – No hidden extras.
  • Vehicle inspections can be carried out at any garage premises, office car parks or at any private address (with an off-road, level hardstanding).
  • Quick response times subject to workload and vehicle/vendor availability. Reports sent as soon as practically possible.
  • We will provide free initial advice – without any obligation.

Terms and conditions
Please note that by completing this form your data will be submitted directly to DEKRA and will not be shared with any The Motor Ombudsman or any other third party.

The Motor Ombudsman will receive a £20 referral commission for any referrals which are completed however this will not affect the price you pay.