#JustPassed New Driver Guide


Welcome to the Second Edition of The Motor Ombudsman’s #JustPassed New Driver Guide. Launched in 2017, the digital quick reference booklet has been designed for new drivers to provide useful information and handy tips when buying, servicing and repairing a car.


It touches on subjects, such as:


  • Buying an electric or hybrid model;
  • Sourcing a car online;
  • Going on a test drive; and
  • Towing a vehicle.

There are equally some handy checklists at the back of the guide for key factors to consider prior to signing on the dotted line.


The Second Edition, which can be viewed by clicking on the image below, features new animations and graphics, as well as integrated links to information on The Motor Ombudsman’s website (TheMotorOmbudsman.org) and on sites of other motoring organisations.


#JustPassed New Driver Guide user instructions:

  • To view the guide in full screen mode, please click on the image below, and each double page spread can be made larger by double clicking.
  • On the magnified view, you can then use your mouse to move the pages around to read the content in the guide.
  • To move forwards and backwards between pages, please click on the white arrows either side of the guide.
  • Press the escape button on your keyboard to cancel full screen mode.
To download a PDF of the Second Edition of the #JustPassed New Driver Guide, please click here.

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