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The garage staff were rude to me, what can I do?

Staff should be professional and courteous to customers. If the garage staff were rude or you are concerned about the behaviour of the staff, you may wish to report it to someone senior in the business in the first instance so that this can be addressed with the individuals concerned. If it cannot be resolved then you can report this to The Motor Ombudsman and we will see if we can investigate this further.

The Motor Ombudsman monitors all of its accredited businesses so if we can see a pattern of behaviour, we would be able to take steps to ensure the accredited business improves and, if necessary, take compliance action such as training, suspension or even expulsion if the issues persist.

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The Motor Ombudsman is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider who can assist with disputes that arise between consumers and Code-accredited businesses. If this article has not answered your questions and if you have a complaint about a business please visit our complaints page to find out what to do next.

If you wish to escalate your complaint to a formal complaint please visit our case creation page.

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