Looking for the perfect match? How to find the right garage

Searching for the right garage can be considered like trying to find your ideal partner. In this case, it’s a business where your car will be in good hands, and one with which a long-term relationship can be formed. This is so that you’ll have a garage you can rely on during ownership, or when you wish to show your car some tender loving care.

When narrowing down the choice of motor traders available, whether it’s to buy a vehicle, or to have it serviced, there are certain qualities that we tend to look for. Courtesy, trust, transparency, someone that fills you with confidence and high standards are merely a few examples. Finding the perfect match can be challenging, but recommendations from friends, colleagues and family can be invaluable, and this is not forgetting all of the online tools which are out there. One of these is The Motor Ombudsman’s Garage Finder which shows the location, profile and valuable customer reviews of thousands of accredited garages across the UK so you’ll be sure that you’re picking from the best on offer.

As with any relationship, things unfortunately can go wrong with your garage. Therefore, communication is key when looking to resolve the issue directly with them. The most important thing is that you give them the opportunity to help put things right. And if you’re unable to reach a compromise, and it’s a business accredited to The Motor Ombudsman (click here for more information), it means that fully trained and impartial adjudicators are on hand to help resolve the issue. They’ll listen to both sides of the story to try to get your relationship back on track, and the good news is, is that less than 1% of cases that The Motor Ombudsman deals with end up at this stage.

Similar to a family-related issue, going to court is always the last resort, and this is also the point at which you have to start paying legal fees for the case to be heard. There is equally no guarantee that you will get the result that you are looking for once it’s gone before the judge, so it’s always important to get the right advice before you head down this road. However, don’t let this put you off buying a car or having it serviced – just do your research and make a date this Valentine’s with your local garage!