Accreditation explained

Knowing that your business adheres to a CTSI-approved Code of Practice will give your customers the valuable reassurance that they are dealing with a responsible business that offers high levels of service and workmanship. Both you and the consumer will also have somewhere to go if you’re unable to find a resolution.

Thousands of consumers use the Garage Finder on our website, looking for a garage to do business with – meaning thousands of potentials customers are looking for a business like yours. You’ll also be listed on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute’s (CTSI’s) Business Directory.

The costs

  • The cost of annual accreditation to a single Code (Service & Repair Code or Vehicle Sales Code) is £195+VAT *
  • The cost to gain accreditation to a second Code if a business is already accredited is £99+VAT per year
  • The cost of dual accreditation is £294+VAT per annum

Businesses are able to sign up to more than one Code of Practice, if relevant, as long as they meet the necessary criteria.

In the event that an accredited business has made no attempt to resolve the complaint, and the ombudsman makes a final decision in the consumer’s favour following a breach of the Service and Repair Code or Vehicle Sales Code, the accredited business will be required to pay £99+VAT per case.

*assuming an anticipated annual sales volume of 1200 vehicles or less. For sites with higher throughput please contact the Business Accreditation Team.

You can find out more about the benefits of accreditation here