Take a look at TMO’s latest EV ad in The Garage

Our latest electric vehicle (EV) advert highlighting the benefits of Motor Ombudsman accreditation for garages that service and repair battery-powered cars, can now be seen on page 37 of the July 2022 edition of The Garage magazine (Issue 340).


Featuring our newly-introduced green pantone for EV-specific content, the creative uses words containing the letters “EV” to reinforce the key advantages that garages will be able to enjoy when signed up to the Ombudsman dedicated to the automotive sector.


Readers of Issue 340 of The Garage magazine will also see the results of our recent EV survey featured as this month’s Industry Insight on page 6 in conjunction with the recent launch of our EV Resource Hub, and a report on page 8 following our visit to the first UK Garage & Bodyshop event at the beginning of June.


For more information on the benefits of accreditation to The Motor Ombudsman, please click here.