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The Motor Ombudsman is dedicated to offering fair and impartial dispute resolution however in addition to this we offer helpful motoring advice to help consumers keep their cars on the roads as well as reporting and providing commentary on the Servicing and Repair and Vehicle Sales sector.

Take a look at the Motoring Advice section for useful information on how to keep your car safe on the road and in the best possible condition. We have written a wide range of articles commenting on economical driving, seasonal tips such as how to prepare for summer and winter driving, essential car maintenance and a guide for new drivers

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November 20, 2018

Motoring Advice

Getting to know blind spot monitoring

Vehicle Maintenance
This week’s “Getting to Know” guide focuses on what blind spot monitoring (BSM) technology is and how it works.   What is blind spot monitoring?   Blind spot monitoring, BSM, or a blind spot information system, depending on the term used by the vehicle manufacturer, is a type of technology which was first introduced by … Continue reading "Getting to know blind spot monitoring"
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October 1, 2018

Motoring Advice

Tick all the boxes this winter

Useful Information
As the days get shorter, and with the end-of-year season traditionally bringing tougher conditions on the road, making sure that your vehicle is fully roadworthy, whether for the daily commute or for the holiday getaway, is essential to staying safe. We have therefore introduced a handy “ticklist” to guide you through the key questions and … Continue reading "Tick all the boxes this winter"
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