We provide a range of online training courses so you can ensure your business is compliant

In 2015, both the Consumer Rights Act and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) regulations came into force and in 2018 GDPR will affect how businesses handle data. To ensure businesses understand their legal obligations under the new legislation, The Motor Ombudsman, in conjunction with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, has developed online training modules in ADR and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 – and what this means for businesses.

Whilst you can review the content at your own pace (i.e. it is SCORM compliant), we anticipate that it will take around 40 minutes to complete and a certificate will be awarded upon completion for personal development records. The training will also contribute to CPD points.

Distance selling in the automotive sector

Following the success of their e-learning modules on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the Consumer Rights Act (2015) and GDPR, The Motor Ombudsman and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) have collaborated to create a new training course focusing on distance sales in the motor industry. This is when a customer concludes the purchase of a new or used car exclusively on the internet or over the phone, without ever visiting a business’s physical premises during the buying process.

This module explores how distance sales, governed by the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 can affect your business and what you need to do to in order to comply with them. On completion of the module, you will:

  • Be able to understand and identify what is and what isn’t a distance sale;
  • Be aware of your legal obligations as a trader when entering into a distance contract;
  • Know the rights of consumers under these regulations and how long they have to reject their vehicle; and
  • Be able to recognise how consumer deposits are treated in distance contracts.

This training is narrated and includes interactive slides and automotive-specific case studies. 


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The essentials of new data protection laws (GDPR)

On the 25th May 2018, the existing data protection regulations were replaced by a new piece of legislation called the General Data Protection Regulation, better known as GDPR. Our new course on GDPR is designed to give you an overview of the new laws and help you ensure that your business is compliant. The interactive course is tailored to the motor industry and uses case studies to ensure you understand what GDPR means for your business.

The Motor Ombudsman’s GDPR course covers the following subjects, amongst others:

  • An overview to the GDPR;
  • A glossary and introduction to key terminology and definitions;
  • Case studies to illustrate the six key principles of the GDPR and how they apply to a business setting;
  • Roles and responsibilities when gathering, managing and retaining data;
  • The importance of data protection including remote working; and
  • Identifying data hazards and effective methods to avoid security breaches.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The ADR regulations mean that almost all businesses selling directly to consumers must be able to direct their customers to an approved ADR provider if they are unable to resolve a dispute – and let the consumer know if they are happy for that ADR provider to consider the complaint. Undertaking this training module will ensure you’re fully prepared and compliant with the ADR regulations, officially called The Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. The online module focuses on a trader’s legal obligations towards consumers where they have failed to resolve a dispute.

On completion of the ADR training module, you will know:

  • What is ADR and the different types
  • Benefits of ADR
  • The route available to consumers to gain redress from an impartial third party and the duty of the business to provide this information
  • Time limits, if any, for the business to resolve the dispute directly with the consumer or transfer the dispute to the third party for ADR
  • How any resolution reached with the third party’s intervention will be implemented and enforced
  • The Motor Ombudsman dispute resolution process and your role as an accredited business

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Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act consolidates eight existing consumer laws, including the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.

On completion of the Consumer Rights Act training module, you will know:

  • What consumer rights are and why they are legal requirements
  • The legal terminology
  • The legal obligations of your business arising from contracts of sale
  • Putting the Consumer Rights Act in practice through case studies
  • The remedies available to businesses and consumer entitlement including repair, replacement, rejection and price reduction
  • The time limits for consumers making claims against you and the limits on you restricting your liability to customers.
  • A full understanding of the new consumer landscape and the resolution procedure

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