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Eastern Approach Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6PN

Garage type: Franchised Dealer

Phone: 03301302801

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County Motor Works is a family owned business with a long established history in Chelmsford, Essex. It is this family influence and history that has helped to shape the way we work, helping to develop our customer first approach and our passion for personal service.

Here at County Motor Works we still continue to grow, enabling us to take better care of our customers. We know that the emphasis we place on customer care is key to our continued success and we treat every customer as if they were a member of our own family.

We aim to provide you with the complete Vauxhall and Chevrolet experience. Whether it be enquiring about your first new or used Vauxhall or Chevrolet, servicing the car you've had for years, or enhancing your pride and joy, with our dedicated departments on hand to offer personal, professional help and advice, you'll find everything you need here at County Motor Works.

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County Motor Works


County Motor Works are the worst garage I have ever had dealings with and are massively carrying out work that is potentially dangerous.
1. The quality of there customer services is disgusting.
2. The quality of their workmanship is appalling and terrifying.
3. Their inability to identify faults even when given a clue! by other experts findings is worrying.
4. Their disgusting mannerisms when dealing with complaints even when they have been caught out regarding their inability's and lies is laughable.
Etc Etc Etc

When complaining to County Motors directly, all they every did was contradicted themselves regarding the work they had done on my car or supposedly done, as one member of staff would say they had done something and then another member of staff would say different. They lied to me about numerous things and made up a load of rubbish, slandering two other professional garages that had seen my car prior to them; please note my car was only taken to County Motors as my Insurers refused to take it to Underwoods or even Quests (both I might add are also Vauxhall dealerships). I did however finally get my Insurers to cover the costs of removing the car to Underwoods after County Motor Works jokeable efforts to diagnose the problem with my car.

Once my car was removed to Underwoods they identified the problem immediately which County Motors didn't despite me telling them what had happened to my car which was ironically that it had been contaminated. This is a very long story and one that I am taking up with yourselves (motor codes) to assist me with my unresolved complaint and I will be sending you all the copy's of e-mails and recordings directly.

I shall point out to you that after numerous e-mails to Vauxhall customers services their final e-mail to me clearly states that despite them contacting County Motors and putting my complaint to them again and again on my behalf that County Motor Works refuse to contact me to address the problem as they believe they have done nothing wrong despite me having audio recordings to prove their inconsistency's, lies and disgusting manner in which they spoke to me, as well as e-mails and a report from Underwoods that proves they have done wrong and that they clearly do not have the ability's or skills to carry out simply diagnosis.

County Motor Works are overall a huge embarrassment to Vauxhall as a company, Vauxhalls are cars all my family have purchased for over fifty years regularly buying new replacement cars however we will never be purchasing a car from them or using their services. They are seriously compromising safety issues by misdiagnosis as well as general shoddiness of work and the inability to carry out what at times are simple repairs.”

, 25/07/2016

Vauxhall Owners Club