Garage reviews

“Once again Tracey arranged everything for the service and MOT with her usual friendliness and efficiency, thank you so much.”

Steve Jones 18/07/2022

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91% recommendation score

“So grateful to Bathwick tyres this morning. After very rude treatment at Malvern tyres, which left me in tears, your team couldn't have been more helpful and considerate.”

Carol Lewis 17/07/2022

“Great service as usual. We have used this depot for over 10 years, even my wife feels comfortable dealing with staff regarding technical questions……”

Peter 17/07/2022

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99% recommendation score

“A great example of a local independent business that takes pride in beating the main dealers at their own game. Anderson Clark have cared for my vehicles for over a decade and I really appreciate not having to worry about getting great service at a fair price.”

Lindsay Mackinnon 12/07/2022

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100% recommendation score

“outstanding service
had a problem with my DPF filter no one else could identify,i was in need of urgent repair to carry out my job which i am a airport driver for my customers and this company went the extra mile,they carried out a assessment found the problem and stayed until 9.30pm to get me back on the road in time for my job
a massive thank you for your honesty and hard work this is a company i would recommend the DPF Doctors”

zing mamood 12/07/2022

“Another excellent experience. The garage is run like clockwork and they always keep you informed as to what's happening. I've had numerous tyre fittings, MOTs and service visits over recent years, and they never disappoint. Keep it up!”

Rob King 11/07/2022

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94% recommendation score

“Very polite, helpful and professional.”

Jonathan Larkin 10/07/2022

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94% recommendation score

“My car was in a bad state and the young man and manger try to help me, with ideas. They went above and beyond there job roll I rang to thank them today. As there advice was right. With out there help I would off been in mess. Well done you guys. Your amazing 🤗🤗”

Deborah Stenson 30/06/2022

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96% recommendation score

“£295 for a 2 hour service and car clean, mx5 with 3400 miles 2 year service. I cant believe how much you charge.”

David Carroll 30/06/2022

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96% recommendation score

“Professional service throughout . Well done to all concerned.”

Tom King 30/06/2022

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“I've used the dealership for svcing/MOT several times. The svce front desk is almost always (& this visit) 10/10 excellent. Friendly, helpful, open.

The actual svce/MOT were to a set time (better than "leave for the day") & on time. However, while I'd rate previous techs 9/10 – 10/10 (genuinely concerned), I'd rate this tech 7/10 as he seemed not particularly interested & mis-set/checked tyre pressures so my TPI warning lit 5 miles after I left.”


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99% recommendation score

“Easy booking, friendly. Kept in touch during day. Great to have courtesy car available. Great value”

deborah fewtrell 26/06/2022

“Great service from the Mechanic but the Manager was condecending.”

Mike Jackson 16/06/2022

“John was incredibly helpful from the moment I picked up the phone to him.
He collected my car, having to jumpstart it first as it had been SORN for 4 years.
Took it through the MOT, got it going and washed 4 years of dust off it!
Brilliant service.
Highly recommend – service with a smile!”

Kathryn Jackson 11/06/2022

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89% recommendation score

“Exemplary service supplied by highly competent and helpful staff. A punctured tyre was inspected, advice given and subsequently replaced quickly and efficiently.

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. There is also a tidy waiting area and they do not patronise woman customers.”

David Spear 09/06/2022

“I booked my wifes car in for an MOT and service, this was done by phone and was done easily and at a time and date that worked well for us.

We were kept well informed of any work and parts that needed to be replaced or repaired and what the cost would be.

When the car ready we were informed in a timeley manner and everyting was done as expected.”

Paul Riley 07/06/2022

“Excellent garage. Staff friendly and knowledgable. Work always carried out to a high standard and quickly.”

Gary Freer 02/06/2022

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99% recommendation score

“Easy to deal with and work completed to my satisfaction. Never doubt that this will be the case.”

Neil Mackinnon 02/06/2022

“Superb , had my van back ready to use the same day. Cant recommend enough.”

Ian Pawson 31/05/2022

From 79 surveys
98% recommendation score

“Thoroughly recommend Willow,haven't used anyone else for so long as Willow are trustworthy and very reasonably priced.”

Tim Butcher 30/05/2022