Garage reviews in Wiltshire

“I have had many years of excellent service from this firm.”


“We always choose a garage for the make of our car and Fussell Wadman supplied the car and have always dealt with it, an excellant garage with o/s customer service.”


“It's a really professional service at Fussell Wadman, it's at the expensive end of the scale but the quality of work and service is worth it. Availability for appointments is generally good and the information about the work is excellent. They are incredi”


“A professional, friendly and efficient service provided.”


“The staff are always really friendly and keep me updated, always giving a cost prior to repairs.”


“A good friendly service with no hidden costs.”


“Very helpful company – very clear regarding work to be undertaken prior to service and costs involved. Also lovely cheerful young lady at point of payment!”


“Friendly professional & efficient as always”


“always been brilliant, friendly family, helpful and offering good service”

mrs clunie 05/12/2018

“always accommodating and fair. Would not go anywhere else.
Would like some more girly mags to read.”

maryam 05/12/2018

“brilliant customer service as always.
will definently recommend to friends and friends”

amy boothman 05/12/2018

“friendly service and helpful in an emergency, highly recommended”

aure pullen 05/12/2018

“When asked if I wanted my tracking checked by free inspection the mechanic forgot to tell me that adjusting the tracking would cost £60. I do not mind the charge and paid it happily. It I would have appreciated knowing it was going on my bill when asked to decide if I wanted it or not.”

Brian Dinham 22/11/2018

“Nick and his team are amazing.
I arrived without booking and there was no problem fitting me in. They explained the issue with my car and gave me all the options available. They helped me choose the best thing for me and didn’t once try to offer to do more for extra money even though this has happened a lot in the past in OTHER garages. The work carried out was very quick, extremely professional. I will be returning here again from now on.”

Tara Wysocki 01/02/2019