The Motor Ombudsman’s online Knowledge Base records over 25,000 article views in first quarter

The Motor Ombudsman, the automotive dispute resolution provider, has recorded in excess of 12,000 searches and 25,000 article views on its Knowledge Base during the first quarter of this year. The online tool ( was launched in January as part of the body’s focus to make it quicker and simpler for motorists to resolve queries and complaints when buying and running a car, prior to formally raising a case with The Motor Ombudsman.


Using the “Find an answer” button at the top of any page of website, the simple-to-navigate resource features over 80 articles across five different categories. They provide readily available responses to some of the most commonly asked consumer questions on vehicle ownership, and the areas covered by The Motor Ombudsman’s Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Motor Industry Codes of Practice, spanning servicing and sales to new car and extended warranties.


The most frequently read article on the Knowledge Base, and accounting for nearly 800 views, was in the Service and Repair category on the topic of what a consumer is able to do if a garage has not successfully been able to fix the problem with their vehicle. Mirroring the significant volume of Vehicle Sales Code contacts received by The Motor Ombudsman, questions around the purchase of a new or second hand car were the subject of six of the top 10 most viewed articles during the first three months of this year. These included what to do if a consumer deems their vehicle to have been mis-sold (758 views), as well as the key considerations to take into account when looking to reject a car (669 views), or when seeking a refund or replacement following a purchase (427 views). How to get compensation from a car manufacturer was the highest ranked article in the new car warranties section, generating more than 460 views.


When navigating the Knowledge Base, individuals are equally able to enter their own queries into the search bar. The most widely used generic term throughout the first quarter of 2019 was “recall”, followed by “case creation” and “warranty”. They were joined by an array of other searches on subjects such as service plans, vehicle insurance, deposits and motorhomes.


Bill Fennell, Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “The extensive usage of the Knowledge Base during the first three months of this year has demonstrated that it is an extremely valuable tool for consumers, and we are very encouraged that it has proved so popular since it was introduced. In order to continually improve the range and relevance of the information provided, we are always looking at what users are contacting us about, and what they are searching for on our website. This helps us as an organisation to address a greater volume of consumer concerns before they enter the formal adjudication process, and to ultimately provide a faster resolution to customer disputes.”


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