Garage Star Awards

Welcome to the inaugural Motor Ombudsman Garage Star Awards. 

The new accolades have been designed to celebrate the achievements and recognise individuals, teams, and Motor Ombudsman-accredited businesses as a whole up and down the country, that have gone the extra mile and beyond the call of duty to assist customers during the past 12 months.

This of course includes the great work that has been done in recent months in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Nominations for the 2020 Garage Star Awards are now closed.

If you’re a business that wants to find out more about the awards, click here.


The 2020 Garage Star Awards: FAQs

Which businesses are eligible for the awards?

The Garage Star Awards are open to any independent garage or car dealership that is accredited to The Motor Ombudsman’s Service and Repair and / or Vehicle Sales Codes. Eligible businesses are listed on our Garage Finder.

Unfortunately, businesses that are not accredited to our Codes of Practice cannot be considered for a Garage Star Award. Please refer to the Rules of Entry for further information.

How can consumers nominate an individual, team or business for an award?

Consumers can nominate an individual, team/department, or business for one of eight regional awards (i.e. the area in which the business is located) by completing the nomination form. A business cannot be nominated for two regional awards, and the nomination must relate to an activity during the period 07th September 2019 to 30th October 2020.

Nominations will be open from 10:00 on Tuesday, 8th September 2020, and will close at 17:00 on Friday, 30th October 2020.

The eight regional awards that we are accepting customer nominations for are as follows:

  1. East
  2. Midlands
  3. North
  4. Northern Ireland
  5. Scotland
  6. South
  7. Wales
  8. West

If consumers have had great service from more than one person or business during the year, can they submit more than one nomination?

Yes, that is absolutely fine, as the way that the business or individual has assisted the consumer will always be judged on its own merits.

Can consumers submit a nomination by e-mail or post?

Nominations should be submitted via the online form on The Motor Ombudsman website. However if there are any reasons that the online form cannot be completed, such as accessibility issues, then please call us on: 020 7344 1694 to discuss alternative methods for submission.

Can businesses nominate themselves, their teams or their staff members?

Unfortunately, individuals, teams/departments or businesses, are not able to nominate themselves for any of the regional awards. We can only accept nominations from consumers.

We are encouraging our accredited businesses to raise awareness of the awards, and so we’ve created a range of marketing assets to help them do this. They can be accessed here.

How will the winners be judged?

All nominations received from consumers will be verified to ensure that they meet our entry criteria, and are related to one of our accredited businesses. They will then be assessed according to ‘Stage One’ of the Judging Criteria (please refer to the ‘Judging Criteria’ FAQ on this page). A shortlist of three businesses will then be drawn up for each of the eight regional awards, and provided to our panel of judges.

From the shortlist, the judges will collectively choose one winner and two runners-up for each of the eight regions based on ‘Stage Two’ of the Judging Criteria.

As businesses vary in size and location, please note that the nominations will not be judged on how many the individual, team or business has received from customers.

From the group of eight regional winners, the judging panel will then crown the overall “National” winner of the 2020 Garage Star Awards (based on ‘Stage Three’ of the Judging Criteria), and the business will receive £500 in Snap-on vouchers as part of their prize.

Consumers who submitted a nomination for the overall winning region will be entered into a draw to win £250 in Lifestyle Vouchers.

When will the judging to choose the winners take place?

The judging will take place the week of 9th November 2020.

Who are the 2020 Garage Star Awards judges?

The 2020 Garage Star Awards judging panel is made of the following people:

  • Bill Fennell – Chief Ombudsman and Managing Director at The Motor Ombudsman
  • Louise Savage – ADR Executive & Auditor at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)
  • Sue Steward – Head of Client and Commissioning at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)
  • Stuart Woolley – Commercial Manager at Garage Wire

The judges will form a joint decision for each award winner based on the shortlist of nominations.

What are the Judging Criteria?

The Judging Criteria for the 2020 Garage Star Awards are as follows:

Stage ONE: Compilation of the nominations shortlist for each of the eight regions

Three nominations per region will be selected internally by The Motor Ombudsman to create a shortlist for review by the judges to determine the winner and the two runners-up for each of the following eight regions:

  • East
  • Midlands
  • North
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • South
  • Wales
  • West

In order to reflect the diversity and achievements of the prospective winners, the creation of the shortlist of 24 nominations will based on the following factors:

  1. The information required for the nomination and entry to the Competition is fully complete;
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being what is “readily expected” of a business, to 5 being “worthy of praise”, to 10 being “exceptional”, to what extent has the individual, team or business has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that the customer received exceptional standards of work or service during the period of 07th September 2019 to 07th September 2020?;
  3. Scores will be aggregated internally by The Motor Ombudsman for each nomination based on the metrics above, and the three highest scoring nominations per region will be put forward to the judges to determine the eight regional winners and the two runners-up for each region.

Stage TWO: Selection of eight regional winners and runners-up

All four judges will each be provided with the three nominations per region (i.e. a total of 24) for their review a few days before they are brought together (see below),

The nominations presented to the judges will take the form of the name of the business, the name of the team, or the name and title of the nominated individual, the details of the business where relevant, plus the testimonials written by the consumers.

The judges will participate in an online meeting to reach a general consensus as to who should be the winner, and who should be the two runners-up for each of the eight regions.

Stage THREE: Selection of the national winner

From the eight regional winners, the judges will then discuss and select the national winner based on the achievements of the winners in each of the regions. This will once again be a joint decision amongst the four judges.

When will the regional and national winners be announced?

The regional and national winners of the 2020 Garage Star Awards will be announced the week commencing 23rd November 2020.