Tyres are the only part of a vehicle that separates it from the road, and therefore maintaining them in a safe and legal condition is vital.


In this section dedicated exclusively to tyres, you will find information about the following subjects, amongst others:


  • The main types of car tyres available (i.e. summer, all-weather and winter), and how they differ from one another
  • The meaning of tyre sidewall markings to help choose the right size and type
  • How to check the tread depth of a tyre
  • The importance of having correct tyre pressures
  • What to look out for when checking the condition of tyres (e.g. bulges and cracks)
  • When tyres should be changed
  • Buying brand new tyres from a reputable garage
  • The storage of tyres
  • Tyre accessories available for driving in the snow (e.g. snow chains and socks)

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Make Time for Tyres

Ahead of the summer holidays, our latest campaign encourages consumers to ‘Make Time for Tyres’ with a range of downloadable assets for businesses to display on their premises.

Read the press release here.

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Have the right atyre (tips on tyre maintenance for car journeys on holiday and all year round)



An overview to winter tyres