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How can I find out when my next MOT is due?

If you do not have a paper copy of your MOT certificate to hand, you can either speak to the garage that carried out your last MOT (if open), or alternatively, you can enter your vehicle registration on the MOT history page of the GOV.UK website which will tell you the expiry date of the current certificate.


However, please bear in mind that, if your MOT expires after 30th March, your vehicle’s MOT history page on the GOV.UK website will be amended in line with the latest six-month extension so that your car is legal to drive, and just as importantly, it needs to be safe to do so. Please note that paper certificates will not be re-issued to reflect the new date.


If your MOT is due before the 30th March, our understanding is that you have to take the car for its annual test as per the existing guidelines.


Page updated on 25/03/20.

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