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How do I know whether a business has appointed The Motor Ombudsman as its ADR provider?


Any business accredited to one or more of our four Motor Industry Codes of Practice should either have information about their accreditation on display at their premises, where that’s possible, or be available on their website. On some occasions, a digital ‘Smart Badge’ on the business’ website will show the status of their accreditation to The Motor Ombudsman (i.e. whether it’s active or not). Similarly, all businesses listed on our website, such as vehicle manufacturers, and vehicle warranty product providers, and on our online Garage Finder will be accredited to us.


You can also ask for the complaints policy of the business, as this should include details of their appointed ADR provider, such as The Motor Ombudsman, and similarly, this information should be made available when you receive a final response to your complaint.


However, it’s important to note that the current ADR Regulations only require a business to direct consumers to their preferred ADR provider; they don’t have to use one to help resolve the dispute. A benefit of using a business that’s accredited to The Motor Ombudsman, is that they have agreed to participate in our dispute resolution process in the event of a complaint.


If a business, such as an independent garage or car dealership, has not appointed an ADR provider, we recommend that you contact Citizens Advice for guidance on how to progress your dispute.


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