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How will my dispute be reviewed and managed by The Motor Ombudsman?


Once we’ve got your details, one of our team members will review your complaint and decide the best way to try and resolve it. This could be through early resolution or mediation, where we look to find an amicable and practical solution to the problem. If this isn’t possible, one of our legally-trained adjudicators will:


  • Review the evidence provided by both you and the accredited business;
  • Find out the facts and weigh everything up; and
  • Tell you and the business what they think


If we think there’s just been a misunderstanding, we’ll explain why. There may also be times where the offer already made is considered reasonable in the circumstances, or there just isn’t enough information for us to be able to make a fair decision.


If we decide you’ve been treated unfairly, or that something has gone wrong, we’ll tell the business to put things right. Any award we make will be to put you back in the position you would have been in had the problem not happened.


You don’t have to agree with what we say – at any point, you can let us know that you no longer want our help.



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