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My new car warranty claim was rejected, what can I do?

A new car warranty will be supplied with all UK specification vehicles. The warranty will usually cover the vehicle for a set period of time or up to a maximum mileage (please check your warranty booklet or with your manufacturer authorised dealer for more details on your cover).

The aim of the warranty is to cover the cost of repairing components which have failed as a result of a manufacturing defect during the warranty period. It will, therefore, likely exclude those items which are subject to normal wear and tear, such as brake pads, and those that have failed as the result of driver negligence, abuse or error. Others will only cover such items for a short period of time, for example 6 months. The terms and conditions of your warranty should fully explain the level of cover provided.

If your claim has been rejected, you may need to provide independent evidence in the form of an independent technical report to demonstrate that the failure was due to a manufacturing defect. If your report agrees with the manufacturer, then you won’t be able to pursue your complaint further. However, if your report supports you and diagnoses the issue as a manufacturing defect, send this to the manufacturer and see if they change your mind.

Sometimes, a claim might be rejected because you haven’t serviced your vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is always best practice to get your car serviced on time but the manufacturer can’t withdraw your whole warranty if you haven’t – however, they can decline a claim if the issue has been caused by the lack of or incorrect servicing on your vehicle. Again, you may need to obtain an independent technical report to support your complaint if you disagree with the manufacturer’s position.



How to submit a dispute to The Motor Ombudsman

The Motor Ombudsman is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider who can assist with disputes that arise between consumers and Code-accredited businesses.

Before you submit a dispute to us, firstly please ensure you have taken a look at the information about our process on the resolve a dispute page.

If you are ready to submit your dispute, you can find the relevant form to complete on our case creation page.

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